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Poo Saandi Varaan Thrill-seeking journalist Murugan heads to Malaysia to look for ordinary folks with odd stories, to be used as part of the true paranormal story collection he writes for a magazine. Everything goes well at first for him upon his arrival in Malaysia, that is until he encounters a supernatural experience that changes his life.https://tamilblade.com/

Poochandi (Tamil: பூச்சாண்டி) or Poosandi Varan (பூசாண்டி வரான்) is a 2022 Malaysian Tamil-language horror thriller film. It tells the story of a journalist from India who comes to Malaysia for his true ghost stories project, and encounters a frightening supernatural entity that is haunting a group of friends.[1]

The film receives positive reviews.[2][3] It is released in cinemas on 27 January 2022 in Malaysia and Singapore, and is released on 1 April 2022 at cinemas in Tamil Nadu, India.[4][5]/newmovie/

An image of a scarecrow is what we get in the initial frames after which we are introduced to Murugan (Ramana), a Tamil journalist from Madurai, who writes paranormal stories for a magazine in Malaysia. On his journey, he meets Shankar (Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan), who narrates a paranormal incident that happened to him and his friends Anbu (Logan Nathan) and Guru (Ganeshan Manoharan). Anbu has paralysis and he collects coins as a hobby. One day, they use one of the oldest coins in his collection to play Ouija and call out to a spirit for fun. Little do they realise that they are inviting a soul that’s dangerous and mysterious in many ways. As the film progresses, the soul begins to entice them into accomplishing its own desires. Once they start unraveling the spirit’s past, they stumble upon a historic connection that dates back to many centuries. These friends come across a chilling twist at the interval point, and post that, the film turns into an investigative thriller that tries to decode the origin of the lost soul.

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